I started studying computer science along with finance in University of Macedonia, Greece. After I passed all programming subjects and got to be an Erasmus student in London, I decided to stay in Britain and write some awesome software.

And this is what I did in the end. I froze my studies (I am not a dropout yet) and became the #1 employee for Niume Ltd. After helping with the recruitment of the Niume team, we created a new, revolutionary social network all together.


You can find more about Niume in the dedicated menu item to your left.


You can browse my opensource projects at github. You can also find my or invite my at bitbucket.

My blog software category contains my everyday experiences and solutions that may be useful. It also has some cool rants if I remember correctly.


Programming languages that I am fluent with include C, Java, PHP, Python, Bash, Javascript and I am willing to learn whatever meets the criteria of "being the right tool for the job".

You wouldn't use C for web development and Javascript for system scripts, would you?


Generally, I believe that Software Engineering is science combined with craftsmanship and alchemy. The more you do it, the better you become. Apart from that, you learn a lot about other fields of science if you have to write applications for them.


"It seems like it is the modern base of all sciences, like maths used to be."


So learn how to write small applications, even if you are not planning to become a professional programmer.


You will start thinking in a different way and it is fun.