Niume is a new kind of social network and it poses a lot of challenges in order to design and implement its code in order for it to be easily scalable and maintainable.

The front-end is a PHP application (custom framework) while the back end is written in Java.

It makes use of MySQL Master - Slave architecture for mission critical data such as user posts and user info as well as MongoDB for automatically generated content such as feeds and notifications.

For deployment and backup, bash and python scripts are used.

I am the Software Architect of all Niume's modules, including the core application in PHP, Victoria (Niume's backend written in Java), Scotland Yard (a system status monitor written in Java), NAP (the administrative platform written in Java) as well as Niume's Picture Manager, written in Java.

I am also the Database Architect & Administrator of Niume's core database (MySQL), Niume's NAP database (MySQL), Niume's High Availability database (MongoDB), Niume's Content Indexing database (Oracle).

Niume's System Architecture (Servers, Databases, Containers) was planned and engineered by me.

I write and maintain the scripts for upgrading the system on the fly from the production repository branch, without causing any side effects to users by using load balancers and storing user sessions in a shared memcached server.

I also wrote the Profile and Character evaluation test for candidate applicants who want to join the Niume team and I personally interview them.

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