A short personal bio:

I started playing the drumset when I was 14. I have attended classes at a music school in Kalamaria with drummer- percussionist Stavros Rentis, for about 3 years time. I learned basic reading, rudiments and technique.

Now I am alone on exploring my instrument, and I just have my eyes and ears open to every musician, that I can learn something new. I always keep in mind (my personal opinion and philosophy) that technique is just the “toolbox” of constructing your music, yet lacking musicality on its own.

Also I have recorded the drums for Erratic Escape's full length album at MIX studios at Thessaloniki, have played with Absinthe House, Until 80's, RestArt and many others.

I have attended several clinics of famous and very inspiring drummers, to name some of them: Dave Weckl, Peter Erskine, and George Kollias.

The music I am more focused to, is any kind of progressive and experimental music. Basically I am very fond of music that can combine different styles, it really opens my mind and truly inspires me.

For me, if there’s a chance to play with an open minded musician I never waste it, as these are the best lessons you can take in music and sometimes in life.

I draw inspiration on my lyrics and music from various things and situations of everyday life. Sometimes you can be very inspired when you re-examine a situation in the past with wiser eyes, or just with another point of view.

Finally, as a person, I hear music for countless reasons but the most important for me are to be inspired, to feel, to think, and to adapt to myself the meaning of each single song.

That’s the reason I am an “artist”, as me myself have found some meaning in my life this way, I try to give to the world the gift I was given from other musicians and bands.

Available for drumset lessons after discussion.

Below you can find some videos from me.