Alex Hughes

Hello World!

I'm Alex Hughes, and this is my humble internet webpage somewhere in the cloud of internet. I am a Software Engineer and a drummer. I have some OCDs, some of them make me a better person, some of them a worse one.

I could be your next door neighbour, but I don't think that this would be a good idea. I am half Welsh and half Greek (I know, not my fault) and I am in a love-hate relationship with both Britain and Greece.


Well, all of this rudeness, OCDs and rarely greatness, make me who I am. And I am fine with it.

I have an obsession with purple.

A lot. You can actually see that.

"Purple is the colour of good judgement. It is the colour of people seeking spiritual fulfilment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good colour to use in meditation.

Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colours, purple is believed to be the ideal colour. Most children love the colour purple. Purple is the colour most favoured by artists. Thursday's colour is purple."

I have an obsession with the number 117.

Don't ask me why, it's a long story that very few can understand. Remember, you don't ask questions about tattoos and scars.

This number is a sign for me, a complicated one.

As a software engineer or "computer scientist"...

I write code. I design and engineer software. I maintain this software. I do it because I enjoy it.

I hope that it is useful. For me, for others, it depends.

It is a craft and it is addictive. It pays well. But I also do it for free, in my free time.

I design databases. I administer databases. I recover databases and save people's bacon.

I am lazy. I write scripts and DevOps work, so that I don't have to wake up during the night or open a terminal while enjoying my Margarita.

Anyway, I started studying Applied Informatics at the University of Macedonia located in Thessaloniki, Greece. I passed all the programming-oriented subjects and then I got bored. I froze my studies, moved to my other country (Britain) and started being creative and useful.

I am interested in software technology, databases, object oriented patters, designs and implementations and many more interesting things. I have created and I maintain several open-source projects.

Currently I am the CTO (or Chief Software Engineer if the title is too fancy and abstract) of Niume, a revolutionary interest based social network.

You can read more about the "software me" at the software section...

As a drummer and "alternative type of musician"...

I really like to play the drums. It completes me and makes my brain work better and also it detoxes my soul.

I started playing the drumset when I was 14. I am a founder and drummer of Until Rain, was drummer of RestArt (this band does not exist anymore) and various other bands and projects as time goes by. I started with attending classes at a music school in Kalamaria with drummer-percussionist Stavros Rentis, for about 3 years time. I learned basic reading, rudiments and technique... From then, I am on my own.

You can read more at the drums section...
As a blogger and also "another voice in the web"...

I also keep a personal blog where I try to write small and big things and stories that I experience and may be interesting or helpful to public. My blog is about drums, software and casual life.
You may have a look at my blog here...
As another face in the crowd...

I've built a "lil hipsterish software thingy" that can help stalkers track me down a lot easier than before. It is called "microfeed" and it is a minimalistic "microfeed publisher". It is an opensource project hosted on github, you can browse the code here. Also, if you are interested to learn why I was motivated to build something like this, full story here.
You may have a look at my microfeed here...
I've got a personal radio online.
It is more of an online player than a radio, but I started it while I had something else in mind, so the name stayed.
I needed to be able to listen to some quality music without carrying my hard drive with me and I wanted it to be in album format (at least most of it). I know that other solutions exist, but I really wanted the simplest thing and I was failing to find it. Now, if this radio can make somebody else happy, feel free to give it a go.
If you are willing to help me make it a proper open source project, drop me a line through the contact form.

I usually try to keep my site updated despite my everyday workload. But at the end of the day, this does not seem to happen. Apologies...